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Palm Springs Day Trip Includes Flowers and Art

The  Palm Springs Day Trip included the beautiful Flower Fields. The entrance sign made out of flowers.
Entrance to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad Photo by Kathy Condon

Ready for Palm Springs day trip? Well, here's one I recently took and highly recommend. Plan a trip to The Flower Fields in Carlsbad, California. Then take the road less traveled home through Fallbrook, California.

A little over 100 miles from Palm Springs, The Flower Fields of Carlsbad have started to bloom. Through Mother's Day, approximately 50 acres of ranunculus bloom and thrive on the slanting hill less than five minutes from the Pacific Ocean.

Preparing for a Palm Springs Day Trip to the Flower Fields

Be sure to get your tickets online, for no tickets are sold at the gate. You will also be asked what entry time you want. My suggestion is to arrive early for two reasons:

1. I highly recommend you purchase your entry tickets for early in the morning when the crowds are less. Also, this internationally known attraction is popular so that the early bird can move around the grounds so much easier.

2. Wear a hat and suntan lotion, for the radiating rays of the sun are stronger than you realize.

Close-up of Orange Ranunculous at The Flowers Fields in Carlsbad.
Ranunculus Blooms at The Flower Fields Photo by Kathy Condon

Your Arrival

As you walk through the gates, the brilliant colors of the blooming flowers cause you to stop and gaze over the scene spreading out before you. The breathtaking view begs you to capture the setting on your camera but wait. There is so much more to explore. Your journey has just begun.

If you have family members who have a challenge walking, you will want to purchase tickets to ride the wagon through the fields. Don't worry. They have stops where you can get off and get up close and personal with the blooms.

Once the ride is over, you will want to walk through the various sets built by volunteers and enriched with flowers planted by the Master Gardeners. It is no wonder these fields are a desired and popular sight for weddings after hours. Talk about an Instagrammer's dream.

There is more to explore, but I just wanted you to get a sense of these gardens and encourage you to plan a trip there.

Take the Trip Less Traveled Home

If you love Backroads, here's a suggestion. I put Sage, California, into the GPS, for I saw on the map that it would take me home and through Fallbrook without much freeway driving. (Still smiling, Sage is literally a T in the road.) At the T, turn left and enjoy the country scenes with ranches and vista views.

Arriving in Fallbrook

Keep driving through the new area of town and look for the sign that says Historic Downtown. Once I parked the car, I was across the street from the Chamber of Commerce and the Arts Center. Delightful staff at the Chamber gave me some pamphlets and urged me to go to the Arts Center next door.

Intricate Street Scene Watercolor Painting
Watercolor Juried Exhibit First Place Winner Photo by Kathy Condon

Art Center Watercolor Juried Exhibit

To say this exhibit is extraordinary is an understatement. It includes 104 paintings with so much detail you find yourself peering more closely at the painting to see the minuscule details. Only watercolorists who had won awards at major watercolor societies in the US could enter this juried exhibit.

Meeting one of the buyers of one of the paintings who just wandered into the Fallbrook Arts Center was enlightening. Realism and contemporary forms of subject matter were well represented. I wound my way through the maze of partitions holding these treasured works of art.

If you love art, particularly watercolors, I suggest call them for exhibit details or go online to see their schedule of exhibits. More than one person mentioned not to be missed is their Galaxy of Glass exhibit scheduled for the fall.

Returning Home

As I parked in my carport, I smiled. My idea that morning to come home on a less traveled road proved to be one of great fun and learning. I believe that if you want an exciting life, plan something yet, remain flexible.

Follow more of my discoveries at the bottom of the page of my website:

Kathy  Condon Headshot in White Blouse
Kathy Condon Journalist and Travel Writer

Kathy Condon is a freelance journalist and travel writer. She is the Founder of the Palm Springs Insider Guide. Her book It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It's All About Communication was named Best Book Finalist By USA Book News

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Mar 18, 2022

Your wonderful blog has it's own special folder in my mail. I become an "armchair traveller" when I read of your adventures, relayed to us all, so vividly. The Galaxy of Glass, this Fall, is of special interest so thank you for the "heads up". Looking forward to your next "reveal" :))

Kathy Condon
Kathy Condon
Mar 18, 2022
Replying to

Very flattered, indeed. Actually, I have a really fun time writing these and love the ability to share what I learned and experience to encourage others to start planning their lives instead of just floating along.

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