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Storytelling Definition: The activity of telling or writing stories.

I smiled when I saw this definition for I have been doing both all my life. A friend once told me I could tell a story about buying a bottle of wine. My reply, Of course, I could.


Because of my innate ability to help people feel like they are experiencing the journey with me, I have chosen to write articles and blogs about adventures I actually experience myself. 

When I wrote my books: It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It’s All About Communication and Face-to-Face Networking: It’s All About Communication, I wrote stories from my own experiences to support business communication practices. 

It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It’s All About Communication was named US Book News Book Finalist. My hunch is my descriptive stories sealed the deal. 

About Me

My childhood home was in rural Wisconsin. Looking back on it, I have no idea how my Mother and Father were able to afford to take a family of five on a two-week vacation every year.

Memories Include: 

•    Daytona Beach putting on baby oil on Wisconsin winter-white skin and getting so sunburn moving was a major challenge. 

•    A bear chasing us into our trailer in Yellowstone National Park, which caused rapidly beating heartbeats, to say the least. 

•    Visiting Mackinaw Island in Michigan and seeing my first magnificent mansion.

•    Guiding my Father through New York City with a paper map, since the rest of the family was sick.

•    Stopping by the roadside in California checking out how artichokes grow.

My homes were in Wisconsin for 18 years; San Fernando Valley, CA for 4 years; Shepherdstown, WV for 4 years; St. Thomas, USVI for 4 years; Vancouver, WA for 20 years; and I am now going on my 6th year in Palm Springs, CA.

I believe these experiences contributed to my feeling of being an insatiable traveler. To date, I have been to 29 countries, 49 States, 16 islands (Yes, I know they are countries, but they are unique).

The Columbian newspaper, in Vancouver, Washington, featured a communication column I wrote for 1.5 years. I wrote for the Palm Springs Tourism Bureau for 1.5 years when I arrived in Palm Springs. 

I have written countless letters to friends vividly describing my latest adventure. A three-week visit to southern France resulted in my recording my journey and experiences on my personal Facebook page.


People encouraged me to create My Day—an update on my life and daily experiences.  www.facebook.com/CuriousKathyAdventures

Mission Statement: The purpose of my life is to cultivate and share wisdom, enjoy soaring to new heights, and increase the quality of the day for myself and others. 

            Inside the Andreas Fault

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