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What do I Need to Visit Palm Springs in the Fall?

Updated: Nov 18, 2023

Walkway at the Palm Springs Airport. Statute of John F Kennedy
Palm Springs Airport Walkway

We residents are now sitting on our patios, reading our papers, and drinking our coffee in the morning. Noticing our pots with withered plants and leaves makes us mentally put on our to-do list that it's time to do for fall cleanup. This area will now be an extended part of our homes for the next few months.

In my case, it means getting out the vacuum to suck up the dry leaves that found their way into every little nook and cranny. Then decide which pots I want to keep or do I want something new. Different pots are so easy to find at our outstanding garage sales, which take place practically every weekend.

Going into my 12th year living in Palm Springs in the same condo, I have figured out which plants flourish on my shaded patio. Cyclamens and impatiens thrive, for they appreciate shade. Now to decide what color, light pink, dark pink, or white theme for the flowers, for I will look at them until it is too warm in the middle of June.

Prepare for a Fall Visit

As you can see, we residents do not only have a change of attitude from the oppressive heat of the summer days to fall in Palm Springs; we prepare for a different lifestyle. Thus, I can share from my point of view how to make your trip to Coachella Valley a memorable one and have you longing to come back again.

(See my Blog, Plan Your Trip to Palm Springs, so you understand the layout of the Valley.)

Make Your Hotel Reservation

In case you haven't heard, Palm Springs is becoming a year-round destination. With 70 plus small hotels (Hotels with 50 rooms or less), there are many choices you can explore on the Palm Springs Preferred Small Hotels website.

Some people are wary of getting on an airplane. Thus, Palm Springs is a two or three-hour drive from Los Angeles or San Diego and is a great way to experience the sun at almost any time of year. There is competition for these small boutique hotels, so you will want to reserve ahead of time.

We have name-brand hotels, of course, but again, remember what you want to do once you arrive. Some of them are a bit remote from all the activity.

What Should I Pack?

You will want to pack your swimming suit, for most of the hotels have heated pools.

Pink sky behind palm trees. This scene happens often in the fall in Palm Springs
Palm Springs Night Sky

However, you might want to confirm with the hotel you are considering that it has a heated pool. I was in for a few surprises until I realized that not everyone in Palm Springs keeps their pools heated. Because our evenings in the fall and winter are very cool, it causes the pools’ temperatures to plummet, making them too expensive to heat all year round.

Yes, you can find people wearing white all winter here, so do put on your white slacks and capris. However, remember Palm Springs is known for its color, so leave the black tops at home and pull out the brightest things in your closets.

No need to pack a bunch of shoes unless you want to be colored and coordinated with your dress. Sandals are accepted everywhere, including restaurants.

Men enjoy wearing their Caribbean design shirts with slacks and shorts just about anywhere. If you go to Country Clubs or some of our finer restaurants, checking their dress code for dinner might be good. In any case, I think you can leave your ties behind.


Two large pink hearts displaced in the courtyard of the Palm Springs Art Museum
Palm Springs Art Museum Courtyard Art

You will need suntan lotion, sunglasses, and a refillable water bottle. Pack a crushable hat; you will need it on the trails, shopping, and visiting our attractions; even though it appears the sun isn't hot, you will be glad you have it. You will need a sweater or light jacket for the evening, for you might be surprised by how cool it gets.

If you plan to ride up the Palm Springs Aerial Tramway, remember the elevation is 8,516 feet above sea level. We have a contest for when the first snowfall will happen, so you get the picture. It can be pretty cold up there, so plan your wardrobe accordingly.

Keeping a few of these things in mind will help make your trip not only fun but more comfortable and helps eliminate the wish I would’ve brought regrets. If you have other questions about things to do, my Visit Palm Springs in Photos tab will give you links to some of the things to do, though keep in mind it is far from conclusive, for this thriving community is changing and growing even as I write this blog.

Protrait of Kathy Condon in white shirt, and wearing large gold beads
Kathy Condon Journalist, Travel Writer and Award-winning Author

Kathy Condon is a journalist, travel writer, and award-winning author. Her niche is luxury experiences and communities living in the shadows of larger cities.

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Kathy Condon
Kathy Condon
08 oct. 2021

It feels great, and love how people are stopping to talk with each other on the sidewalks again.


08 oct. 2021

FINALLY!! The temps are below triple digits :)) You covered everything, beautifully. Now, let's all enjoy - life is good

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