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Seafood Nourishes this Palm Springs Visitor on Trip to Catalina Island

Updated: Sep 16, 2021

Welcome Sign at Avalon to Catalina Island

As one soaks in the beauty of the Avalon Harbor, thoughts turn to, What’s next? Then it occurred to you, it was way too early to eat a hearty breakfast before you started the trek from Palm Springs. Thus, the open-sea air made you turn your thoughts to food.

While on the trip over, you asked around and you got a recommendation. Now any name with the word lobster would get most people’s attention.

Thoughts turned to fresh lobster. You are on the walk to the central part of the city, and the name of the restaurant recommended to you totally escapes you. You realize the town of 2,000 has numerous shops and restaurants filling the main boulevard and streets which radiate out toward the rugged mountain base.

Since WiFi is available, a search of lobster, Catalina Island, brought up the name The Lobster Trap. So with Google Directions in hand, the maneuver through the starting to grow crowd and the reading of well-appointed signs, brought us right in front of the restaurant.

As I mentioned in an earlier blog, I suggest you travel here on a weekday. Now I am suggesting you plan your lunch destination on the early side for there was a line out the door as we were leaving.

The Lobster Trap is one of those places you sort of expect on a remote island. You get the sense this is a local hangout, complete with nautical decor and gigantic bar which graces one whole side of this small, intimate restaurant.

What you don’t expect to see is a whole boat taking up one-fourth of the room. This boat, rescued from the cold Pacific Ocean, still has its name, Money Matters, across its sides now holds dining tables. There was a guitar hanging nearby. As suspected, our great server, Maui, said, In prior years, the boat was the staging area for musicians.

Drinks were ordered. Let’s just say, they are not lacking in liquor and not for the faint of heart. A delicious Old Fashion was enjoyed as the menu was perused and all the way through lunch.

Delightful Meal at The Lobster Trap

Yes, there it is a lobster roll. Note this one was served with coleslaw, but french fries can be ordered. The roll itself was exquisite, oh sooooo good, and appeared freshly baked.

Please note this is not like the Atlantic Lobster roll. The meat for the lobster roll here comes from the claws, so it was made of small pieces of lobster. All-be-it plenty of it for anyone’s most discriminating taste. If you are not into seafood, you can always have a bison burger, which by the way, are plentiful on the island.

Shopping, talking with locals, and learning the history of the island required a little lift in the middle of the day. We joined others in the long lines for ice cream for it just seemed like that kind of day.

We asked a local woman where she would go for a special dinner. The place she recommended was Steve’s Steakhouse Bar and Grille, which was a couple of blocks away up a narrow stairs.

It was early, and we didn’t have reservations, which would have been a big mistake if we had planned on eating there later in the evening.

Seated on the balcony, we had bird-eye view of the entire Avalon Harbor and could even watch for the arrival of our return ride home, the Catalina Express Ferry.

We were told Steve’s was known for Lemon Drop Martinis. Hey, we told by the locals to do it! At any rate, it was delicious and a bartender came over to make sure it was to our

liking. We liked!!

Feeling like the lobster roll and ice cream cone had stuck to the ribs, a bowl of clam

chowder sounded just right. OMG. The blend of exquisite flavors with lots of clams, and served with warm sourdough bread, was the perfect fuel for the three-hour trip home. Ahead, a one hour ferry ride and two-hour road-trip back to Palm Springs.

Next time, probably will skip the ice cream cone and head here for a full dinner.

It appears the steak and lobster dinner is one of the favorites at Steve’s. The staff is delightful and attentive. If the chowder is any indication, this would be a great place to end ones day on this charming and interesting island before saying adieu to this special place.

Catalina Island has been on this travel writer’s list for many years. There is no way this wonderful island day trip caused the slightest bit of disappointment.

Kathy Condon is a freelance travel writer and blogger. She is the Founder of the Palm Springs Insider Guide Her book It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: It’s All About Communication was named Best Book Finalist By USA Book News

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