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Activities in Palm Springs in May

Updated: Aug 29, 2023

Not sure what there was about the date, May 18. Yet, there I was invited to three events scattered throughout Coachella Valley. Delighted I was in town and could take advantage of the Greater Palm Springs activities. I wanted to share with you what I learned.

Activities in Palm Springs includes lots of building. Here is a  rendering of Corner of the Thompson Hotel Palm Springs, California
Rendering of Thompson Hotel Palm Springs on North Palm Canyon

First Stop a Hardhat Tour of Thompson Hotel Palm Springs

Located on the corner of Alejo and North Palm Canyon, we residents have seen "something" being built on the large parcel of land that has languished as a vacant lot for years. The fence when up, and rumors swirled, questioning what it would look like since it has a prominent location by the Palm Springs Gateway sign.

The Inside Scoop about the Thompson Hotel Palm Springs

The owner, management team, and the public relations team at the construction entrance on Indian Canyon greeted us. We proceeded to tour the premises once we had our hard hats and green vests.

Smiling for in the past, Facebook would post when they saw "a worker" on the premises. I can assure you many people were scattered throughout the building attending to their assigned construction duties.

The Thompson Hotel Palm Springs, under the Hyatt's banner, entrance will be on Palm Canyon, effectively splitting the space into two sections. The one to the right will be 100 rooms, while the other side will have more Executive-like suites with a pool.

The rooftop will have a pool and restaurant with Middle Eastern food with a stunning view of the mountains. Also located on the floor is an event space that will surely be the site for beautiful musical evenings. Plus, there will be numerous meeting rooms.

I have to admit one of the aspects I am most excited about is the art. Craig Hall, the owner, casually mentioned there would be original art throughout the entire building. I caught the spark in his eye and asked him later as we sat in a circle discussing the hotel, "There was a huge smile when you mentioned there would be art. Why does that bring you so much pleasure?"

He smiled and replied, "All my life, I have been around art, thanks to my mother." Through the years, I have been collecting. Now I am in the process of helping select every piece of art that will be in this building. It will have diverse artists and styles and will include local artists who have been selected.

Mr. Hall said, "We inherited an awful lot of things in this structure already done and couldn't be changed." From my perspective, as one that used to work in art galleries, I can tell you there will be LOTS of walls to hang art.

Conclusion: There is a great deal of work to do yet. To the thrill of everyone, the elevators started working for the first time the day before we arrived. IF all goes well, it is anticipated that Thompson Hotel Palm Springs will open before the end of the year.

Picture of the sign for Global Discover Days at the Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa,, one of the actiivties in Palm Springs.
Global Discovery Sign at the foot of the grand staircase at the Renaissance Esmeralda in Indian Wells Photo by Kathy Condon

Renaissance Esmeralda Resort and Spa in Indian Wells Celebrated Worldwide Event

Have you heard of Global Day of Discovery? I hadn't. Years ago, the Renaissance hotels united and designated the same day every Renaissance would have an event highlighting the attributes of where the resorts are located. This resort took it a step further and made it into a mini arts festival.

Meeting with Jacob Kendrick, Director of Sales and Marketing of the Renaissance Esmeralda, was a delight; his energy and enthusiasm for the event were apparent. One does not have to wonder why he is good at what he does, for not only does he tout the Renaissance but the entire Coachella Valley.

Art displayed on easels greeted me as I walked down the grand stairway at the resort—a perfect showcase for some of our local artists. Kathleen Strukoff's art was displayed. Later in the evening, she would capture the scene in a painting while people mingled while enjoying specialty drinks at the Place Lobby bar.

Coachella's Dick and Jane Band would take the stage later that evening. Guests, including hotel clients and locals who, were aware of these events. Passed were canapes using our indigenous dates and citrus in a variety of forms the Renaissance culinary team prepared.

A fun factoid: The Renaissance always says Beverage and Food instead of Food and Beverage. Why? What do you have first when you sit down at a restaurant? A beverage.

Photo from the back of the room of the Azure Sky Hotel book signing one of the many activities in Palm Springs
Marissa Mullen Book Signing at the Azure Sky Hotel Photo by Kathy Condon

Activities in Palm Springs at Azure Sky Hotel Book Signing

The lovely Azure Sky opened over a year ago with new owners and refurbished space. The 14-room hotel held its first book signing event. Every indication they were on to something, for the room was filled. Mingling occurred afterward with delightful food and wine.

I didn't realize until I got there I had seen Marissa Mullen, creator of the Cheese By Numbers method for presenting food, on various television shows. She shared with us her new book That Cheese Plate Wants to Party.

Catherine McCord interviewed her, an influencer who created for parents to show easy ways to present wholesome, delicious homemade food. She was masterful with interviewing skills and quickly got Marissa smiling and sharing her cheese experiences worldwide. Including her hunt for cheese in France made with live insects that continues to elude her on her cheese discovery journey.

Whew, it was quite the day. I am pleased I was included in the events. I learned a great deal and trust that you, the reader, appreciate how I share my learnings about my activities in Palm Springs with you. I love it, for I never know what an email will bring. Be assured. I will continue to share. Also, please let me know what more you would learn more about. Here is a list of some other summer Palm Springs activities.

Kathy Condon Travel Writer in White Shirt in Palm Springs keeping up with activities in Palm Springs
Kathy Condon Palm Springs Travel Writer

Kathy Condon is an award-winning author, journalist, and travel writer. Follow her at her website: 760-902-3094 About

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31 mai 2023

How fortunate for us, your readers, that your incredible talents treat you, and us, to the many events you beautifully described on May 18. Read with a smile and enjoying every word :)).

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