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Coachella Valley Concert with Andrea Bocelli and David Foster

Eisenhower Health Center Auxiliary Board Members

If you are Eisenhower Health Center and it is your 50th-anniversary celebration, what do you do? You plan an event like no other and make it one of the most memorable evenings for attendees.

On November 1, 2021, the gate opened at the Indian Wells Tennis Garden, and the party started. Women dressed in beautiful gowns and men in tuxedos walked through the 5-red rose-covered stars, representing the 5-five-point logo of Eisenhower Health Center.

A photographer was there, capturing the attendees in their evening's splendor. Then they were handed a glass of champagne, and headed to the lounge area adorned with sofas and barista tables draped white tablecloths. More champagne? No problem, the champagne carved ice station was nearby.

The weather cooperated, and sipping champagne, and dining on hearty canapes outside while you mingled was the main scene of this part of the evening. However, tents adorned with beautiful flowers and tables were available if you wanted to sit inside.

View of Indian Wells Tennis Stadium Bocelli Concert

The Concert Set-Up

Tables were set upon on the Courtyard floor and draped with floor-length tables in front of the stage. Areas of the stadium were covered and provided more of a sense of intimacy, and Stadium seats for the concert were covered with blue celebratory Eisenhower Health cushions.

On each side of the stage, giant screens projected close-ups, resulting in no one having a bad seat. Of course, the Suites had their projection screens capturing the nuances of the evening.

The Concert

Jay Leno put the audience in a relaxed mood. He was grateful to be in entertaining a large audience once again. (As a side note, I met him outside before the event, introduced myself, and told him the women I was with were from the Auxiliary. This resulted in a broad smile, "Congratulations.”)

Not sure I have this in the order it happened, for it was such an incredible and fast-moving 2.5 hours, I'm still a little starstruck.

David Foster came on stage and starts playing some of his award-winning songs. It became evident that David would be the Master of Ceremonies for the evening when he said we had a special guest that couldn't be here in person tonight. He introduced Kenny G on Zoom, and the two of them performed together.

Bocelli Perform Eisenhower Health Center Concert

As David introduced Andrea Bocelli, you could immediately tell these two were not only friends but admired and appreciated the talent of each other. Of course, the audience sat mesmerized while Bocelli began to sing.

The next surprise, Bocelli sang a song with his 10-year-old daughter. I sat there in total rapture, thinking about my granddaughter close to that age, admiring their talent and how perfectly their tones blended.

Followed by another surprise: Bocelli introduced his son, who came out to sing with him. Bocelli left the stage, and his son's stunning voice filled the stadium. David Foster introduced Pia Toscano, a voice being compared to Celine. Hard to put into words the gravity and strength of her singing talent. She now travels with Bocelli on this concert tours.

At one point, David said we are a divided country, but I trust this arrangement I have written will bring us a little closer together. Pia came out and sang "God Bless America." The entire stadium was on its feet, and people held each other's hands or shoulders. (You couldn't possibly listen without having tears in your eyes.)

Bocelli and Katherine McPhee Performing

I'm not done yet. Throughout the evening, Katherine McPhee came out to sing accompanied by David on the piano. They are now husband and wife, and I am happy to report they are now residents of The Vintage in Coachella Valley. If you don't remember, she was on American Idol….we will eliminate the number of years ago. She is also a gifted songwriter.

The evening closed with an encore by Bocelli, which certainly did not disappoint the audience. As we gathered our belongings and found our way to the exit, the reality started to sink in; we had experienced a once-in-a-lifetime concert.

The organizers of Eisenhower Health Center have much to be proud of for the execution of this event appeared flawless from the outside. The weather was perfect under the desert sky, so no one needed a wrap to protect them from the desert air.

As I drove the 16 miles home, I reflected on my life. Indeed, I have seen and done some fantastic things in my lifetime, but this ranks in the top five of all-time favorite things I have been able to witness in person.

Kathy Condon is a freelance journalist and travel writer. She is the Founder of the Palm Springs Insider Guide. Her book It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It's All About Communication was named Best Book Finalist By USA Book News 760-902-3094

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