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5 Scenic Locations to Photograph in Palm Springs

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

Historically, Palm Springs was considered Hollywood’s playground because of its connections to celebrities like Elvis Presley, Frank Sinatra, and

Liberace. Today, it remains an enjoyable and relaxing getaway for those looking to soak in a sophisticated desert destination. Aside from the natural hot springs, sprawling golf courses, and fair weather, it’s home to picturesque landscapes that everyone can appreciate.

Photo Credit: Kathy Condon

Though the pandemic has forced Palm Springs to enforce social distancing measures, tourists are still welcome to come over and enjoy the local scenery. As such, we’ve compiled five scenic locations to photograph here for your next visit.

The Cabazon Dinosaurs

Mr. Rex and Dinny the Dinosaur, also known as the Cabazon Dinosaurs, are perhaps some of the most iconic roadside attractions you can see in California. Roughly 20 minutes west of Palm Springs, these quirky beasts were created by Claud Bell, a former amusement park sculptor back in the 1960s. These dinosaurs have since been featured in music videos and films such

as Pee-wee's Big Adventure. Photo Credit: Tony Mataras

Joshua Tree National Park

So names for the population of Joshua trees, it is home to the Joshua Tree National Park is another must-visit for Palm Springs tourists. Here you will see gorgeous geological formations like the Arch Rock and the Skull Rock, on top of the desert flora and wildflowers in the area. What's more is that you can even go camping in designated locations and take photos of the night sky.

Photo Credit: Kathy Condon


They're not just a pretty sight. The windmills you see along Interstate-10 are used to generate clean energy for the entire Coachella Valley. But while these turbines make for quite a view, the shifting sand dunes and the San Jacinto mountain range behind them make the landscape extra stunning.

Photo Credit: Kathy Condon

The Saguaro Hotel

If you're looking for an Instagramable location in Palm Springs, look no further than the Saguaro Hotel. Swathed in vibrant pinks, yellows, and purples, the hotel is a treat for the eyes. Its color palette is the work of renowned architects Paul Aferiat and Peter Stamberg, who wanted to use hues that evoke the colors of desert wildflowers. The result is a wonderland of color with hundreds of gorgeous locations in which to shoot photos.

Photo Credit: Saguaro Hotel

Tahquitz Canyon

Outdoor enthusiasts will enjoy a trip to

Agua Caliente tribe's Tahquitz Canyon, which is home to various types of desert flora and fauna. Here you can also see ancient irrigation systems and rock art. If you are visiting during the winter, you may see the 60-foot Tahquitz Falls in its full glory. This is on the Reservation, so be sure to check hours and there is an admission cost.

Photo Credit: Agentz92505, Tahquitz Falls 1, CC BY-SA 3.0

What to bring

• Plenty of drinking water – Depending on when you come to Palm Springs, the weather can get scorching. So if you’re planning to take pictures outdoors, don’t forget to bring more water than you think you’ll need to keep yourself rehydrated. • A good camera – Smartphones nowadays are equipped to take high-quality photos. But if you want to go the extra mile and get professional-grade pictures, you might want to bring along a camera. If you’re worried about carry something too heavy, Adorama’s selection of travel-friendly cameras shows that most contemporary models are lightweight, but still pack plenty of features for taking that perfect shot. For example, the Sony Alpha 7C is compact but holds a powerful 24.2 MP sensor to deliver beautiful image resolution. Similarly, the Fujifilm X-T30 is lightweight at just 13.5 ounces — while boasting a top-notch APS-C sensor for fast auto-focus and face detection while you take photos. • A breathable face mask – Though the public is allowed to go outside, precautions against COVID-19 must still be followed. With that said, included among's recommendations for face masks is the VTER Cotton Breathing Mask, which is extra soft and effectively blocks dust and dirt. This way, you stay comfortable while following health protocols.

Guest Post By: Troy Oliver Murphy

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Apr 30, 2021

Another GREAT FUN article. You sure know how to keep people busy, informed and you are fun to read !! Judy Ellis ❤️

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