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Palm Springs Invaded by Rabbits and Babies

It is not often a bunch of 10 foot babies or 8 foot rabbits come to an area at the same time. However, that is the case for our community. Let me explain.


If you are driving on Hwy 111, near Ranch Mirage, don’t be surprised if suddenly you see rabbits somewhat hiding from the Palm Springs sun. These colorful sculptures beacon you to stop and touch them. There is plenty of parking so it easy for you to stop and take playful photos.

These nine colorful rabbits are approximately eight feet high. They are made out of highly polished steel and finished in bright colors. They are the creation of Karen and Tony Barone. The artists have work throughout out the world, but proudly call Palm Springs their home. They have always understood public art is important to a community.

This warren, a name used to describe a bunch of rabbits, will be on site through the end of the May 2019. Individual rabbits can be adopted and will be taken to their new homes in June. I’m partial to the one named by its adoptive family, Happy.


Behind the new Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs one can find 10 fiberglass black babies with no faces, but barcodes. They are found in the sand of the future home of an underground parking lot in an area we presently call the “The Sand Pit.” It’s located right in front of our beautiful Palm Springs Art Museum.

These figures are at least 11 feet long and weight between 200 and 300 pounds. They are placed throughout the area so they look like they are crawling within the space. In one case, one is even crawling up a wall. Fiberglass, in the hot sun, can heat to extremely high temperatures. Thus, visitors are not allowed to touch and interact with them.

The artist is David Cerny, Czech sculpture, originally created the “babies” for the Zizkov Tower in Prague. When they were returned, he found a home for them in Palm Springs. Listening to comments from visitors one can hear words such as creepy, disturbing or ugly. Since they were created to represent the societal dehumanization, it appears Cerny has accomplished his goal.

Kathy Condon is a travel writer, blogger and founder of Palm Springs Insider Guide. She received US Book News Finalist Award for her book, It Doesn't Hurt to Ask; It's All About Communication 760-902-3094

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