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Alaska Direct Flight from Palm Springs to Seattle NorthCountry (2023)

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

Seattle Paine Field Art - Large Red sculpture in the form of check.
Seattle Paine Field Art - Photo by Kathy Condon

Getting an email from a public relations firm you have worked with is always good. It's even better when it asks if you want to explore a new community. This time, it would be Seattle NorthCountry, located in Washington State, where I lived for 26 years before I moved to Palm Springs 11 years ago.

The email was from DVA Advertising and Public Relations, and I happily accepted. The goal is to fly the direct route from Palm Springs International Airport to Seattle Paine Field. After exploring Alaska's website, I found the exact flight schedule, which operated Thursday through Monday.

We decided I would fly up on a Monday afternoon flight and leave Friday in the morning. The plane up on Monday was about one-half full, while the flight back to Palm Springs was at capacity.

Rental Car at the Seattle Paine Field Airport

If you haven't ever flown into Seattle Paine Field Airport, you are in for a treat. This airport has become a significant player for anyone going to the Seattle area. Little traffic on the way to the airport, lots of parking, and the ease of check-in with a lovely waiting room make it an attractive alternative to the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport

Seattle Paine Field Walkway to the Ground Transportation Building
Seattle Paine Field Walkway to Ground Transportation Photo by Kathy Condon

Once you land, with luggage in tow, follow the signs to the pathway to the ground transportation area. You leave the main terminal and follow an open-air walkway to the nearby building. While the path was beautiful with plants and art, I did have an observation. I mentioned I lived in the Northwest. One wonders why the architect didn't cover the path for the rain and snow days that frequent the State of Washington.

In any case, renting a car to get on your way from the airport is simple. In about fifteen minutes, I reached my home for the night at Delta Hotel Everett.

A beautiful suite, a charcuterie plate, and my favorite wine were waiting for me. Since it was 7:30 p.m., I was thrilled the hotel anticipated my needs. I poured myself a glass of wine, put my feet up, and enjoyed the morsels of delightful food they had waiting for me.

Hanger with aircraft in WWII lined up.
Hanger at the Flying Heritage and Combat Museum Photo by Timothy Buckley

The Fly Heritage & Combat Armor Museum

I cannot tell a lie. When I woke up and perused my itinerary for the trip, I was less than excited to see the first item on my agenda appeared to be a War Museum. However, being the trooper I am, I pressed on and was thrilled a Seattle NorthCountry friend wanted to join me on the tour.

Once there, we discovered the museum was closed. However, we were very honored the Executive Director was there to greet us for a private tour of this three-hangar museum, whose concept was Paul Allen's and planned under his watchful eye. The artifacts, including the aircraft (most of which can be flown) and items gracing the floor and walls, were chosen with Allen's belief that only the best available should be showcased to the world.

I learned too many facts at the Flying Heritage and Combat Museum to share in this article. However, two stand out. I had no idea how many women, besides constructing our airplanes and ships, were involved in World War II. There were entire regiments of women pilots. Plus, I had no idea how often animals were used in fighting WWII.

Educational Opportunities are Abundant

This museum has activities for the entire family. By implementing interactive technology, an entire wall is easily accessible for children and people in wheelchairs, for a mere touch moves the information, much like flipping through pages on an iPad.

If you want information about any war involving the United States, you will find letters, documents, pictures, and videos about the specific event listed chronologically.

Pro-Tip: Plan at least one-half day to visit this expansive museum.

Seattle North Country Diamond Knot Brewery Interior photo. Stools on the left at the bar and tables on the right near the windows.
Seattle NorthCountry Diamond Knot Brewery Photo by Kathy Condon

Seattle NorthCountry Diamond Knot Brewery

With so much new information swirling in my head, I asked my friend to join me at the Diamond Knot Brewery. It is celebrating its 24th anniversary as an innovator of craft beers in the Seattle NorthCountry. They now have three locations in the area, one of which houses the brewery.

It's located in Mukilteo and is a short drive from Everett. Their delightful manager, Whitney Blanchet, proudly showed us around the restaurant with its walk-up window to buy ice cream. Along the walls, historic photos show the original building and how the surrounding environment has changed.

Pro Tip: Try their root beer brewed in their facility. Save room so you can have a root beer float.

A small lighthouse on the water's edge, with pathway to it with flowers are both sides of the pathway.
Seattle NorthCountry Working Lighthouse in Mukilteo Photo by Kathy Condon

Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach and Park

An easy couple of walking blocks away, it was time to explore Mukilteo Lighthouse Beach and Park. With the weather overcast, it was honestly just right for this Palm Springs resident who had been experiencing 100-plus-degree temperatures during the summer. A bench on the rocky beach water's edge was the perfect place just to be.

I wasn't the only one wanting to sit and enjoy the calming, relaxing sight of billowing clouds floating by over Puget Sound. Some people brought beach chairs and obviously had settled in for the afternoon. In the distance, children's shouts of glee could be heard coming from the nearby elaborate playground on the park grounds.

Unfortunately, the perfectly maintained and still-used lighthouse was closed for the day, so I missed the opportunity to head to the top. Yet, I was struck by the plaque by the door, stating how Captain Vancouver had come through this area and named it Rose Point due to all the roses blooming when he arrived.

Pro Tip: A walking map of the park greatly enhances your first exploration of this large, welcoming public park.

A small lounge area with lots of light wood paneling and floor. Blue lounge chairs are in the forground.
Seattle NorthCountry The Muse Whiskey and Coffee Lounge Photo by Kathy Condon

The Enchanting Experience of The Muse Whiskey and Coffee

Much construction was happening in the area, and Google Maps seemed more confused than I was. I am so glad I persevered, for it proved to be an outstanding evening experience.

Once I was on the right path, there was a large, dark gray gingerbread-like house before me with the words "The Muse" written near the roofline. The building wasn't close to what I thought I was looking for. On the other hand, who would expect a 100-year-old house to be perched on the water's edge standing alone, adding to the mystique of a possibly haunted house.

Originally the offices and showrooms of Weyerhaeuser, the building has been moved to this location, its fourth stop in its 100-year history. The historic building is now protected, and new owners ensured it has been restored to its original grandeur. The wood floors, wainscot paneling, and trim are pristine, with hand-embroidered wallpaper gracing hallways and lounge areas.

Besides my intrigue with the building, there was the experience of entering my first whiskey bar in the Pacific Northwest. The former safe now houses members' lockers and the owner's whiskey collection. Proudly sitting in the middle is a bottle for your pleasure, if you choose, for a mere $45,000.

In the bar area, on the top shelf, is a collection of whiskey from the Prohibition Era. Two bottles of priceless whiskey from 1931 lie on their side in the same well-guarded display case.

Yes, I had ordered an Old Fashioned and have to say, it is good I am not nearby here because the exquisite whiskey they made it from would not fit my pocketbook regularly.

Pro Tip: Make reservations ahead of time for one of the lounges if you want to go late afternoon or evening. The Muse is not a place for a full meal, but their small plate choices are varied and delicious. They do serve breakfast, and I am assuming excellent coffee and pastries.

A bottle of wine and a plate of cheese, olives, crackers and asparagus
Seattle NorthCountry Delta Hotel Everett Welcome Gift Photo by Kathy Condon

Ending the Day at the Delta Hotel

With all the new knowledge about The Muse and thinking about its outstanding art scattered throughout the house, it was time to call it a day.

Back to the rental car and a short drive to Delta Hotel for an evening of quiet and reflection. How could I have lived in Washington State for 26 years, being the explorer I am, and not know anything about this magnificent Seattle NorthCountry?

This article is Day 1 – Palm Springs to Seattle NorthCountry.

Stay tuned. I will be sharing more of what I discovered. I hope this is the start of letting Palm Springs residents know there is a direct flight from Palm Springs to Seattle NorthCountry, where one can experience an entirely different environment while learning about our country's history and observing the beauty of the Pacific Northwest.

Kathy Condon in a white shirt with big gold beads.
Kathy Condon Journalist and Travel Writer

Kathy Condon is a Journalist, Travel Writer, Award-winning Author, and Society of American Travel Writers member. She covers luxury experiences and communities living in the shadows of larger cities. 760-902-2094

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Sep 27, 2023

Never heard anyone around here call Everett "Seattle North Country". Kinda like calling Hoboken "Big Apple West". And please learn the difference between direct and non-stop. They're not the same thing.

Kathy Condon
Kathy Condon
Oct 01, 2023
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