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Palm Springs Super Bloom

Updated: Mar 8, 2019

Rain, rains go away. Wait! No, I don’t mean that for I have had one of the most beautiful, short road trips I can remember. All our winter rain has brought us a Wildflower Super Bloom.

A Super Blooms means that a number of seeds that have laid dormant; perhaps for years, have decided to grow and display their blooms in a most majestic way. The warmer temperatures have urged them to bloomer sooner than most predicted.

Packing for my Excursion

As a desert rat, an endearing term some of we locals ourselves, I knew I needed to pack a bag for my journey.

My bag included:

1. Two water bottles filled to the brim. One learns never to go without water in this region. I was traveling mostly on a major highway and just a short distance. However, accidents have known to cause major backups. Why not be on the safe side?

2. Since I planned on taking lots of pictures, I figured a phone charger was a must.

3. Tennis shoes if I decided I wanted to walk one of the plentiful trains in the area.

4. A snack. Well, maybe I packed two.

With sunglasses in hand, phone in its case, along with a pair of reading glasses, I headed out the door for my 40 mile journey East of Palm Springs. My destination is the Southern Entrance of Joshua Tree National Park.

When traveling in the area for Palm Springs, if you can, plan your activities after 9:00 a.m. People here have to get to work. So avoid the semblance of any traffic situation by leisurely starting your morning.

The sun was shining brightly; the weatherman predicted an 80 degree day. My spirits were high as I headed out on this new adventure. By the way, check your gas gauge. Once you pass the town of Indio, in the distance, there are no gas stations between there and your destination.

I was on my way. I quickly noticed anytime there was a piece of land not landscaped for residential or commercial purposes, there were beautiful purple flowers hugging the ground. Taller bushes of yellow

flowers cry for your attention too. The canyons in the distance were awash in the color yellow.

Note, I have not used flower names, because I don’t know them. However, if you are curious Joshua Tree National Park Visitor Centers have a plethora of books on plants in the area

Southern Entrance of Joshua Tree National Park.

You can’t miss the sign for the national park. It is about 40 miles East of Palm Springs on Hwy 10. Turn left over the bridge. AND then, you eyes begin to focus on what lies ahead of you—thousands, if not millions of wild flowers, as far as you can see in purple and yellow hues.

The park entrance, where you have to pay, is up the road. If you haven’t been to the park, I encourage you to pay the fee and go through the park. I’ve been through it many times. I could tell my adventure to see wildflowers could be filled in this area alone.

The pictures I have attached to this blog have not been retouched. I told a friend, I feel like I am in heaven as I text her one of the many pictures that now grace my photo album. Speaking of texting, this area is very spotty for Wi-Fi, so don’t get frustrated if your pictures, attached to a text do not go out right away.

Alas, it was time for me leave this wonderland behind me. Though on the way home, I thought about how, if I write and post a blog on this adventure, just maybe it will encourage others to get out of their routine and experience this wonderful gift of nature.

Kathy Condon is a travel writer and blogger. She is the Founder of the Palm Springs Insider Guider Her book It Doesn’t Hurt to Ask: It’s All About Communication was named Best Book Finalist By USA Book News 760-902-3094

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