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Luxury Spa in Coachella Valley

Stone and Stucco entrance to the Spa
JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa Photo by Kathy Condon

I developed my website and blog because I was frustrated how visitors thought Palm Springs and Coachella Valley were only about retirement, playing golf, lying in the sun, and drinking craft cocktails. Thus, I started writing about places I was discovering in the area. When you look at some of my blogs, I think you will understand there are a variety of attractions and places to explore.

About two weeks ago, I got a personalized email asking if I would like to experience a massage at The Spa at Desert Springs in Palm Desert. With a road trip coming up, I immediately thought this might be the perfect activity to schedule after a week-long road trip.

Last week, the time had come. I was working on emails and kept watching the clock because I didn't want to miss my 3:00 p.m. appointment. Seriously, I do not know what possessed me not to go earlier and relax in the spa before the allotted time. Besides, the resort is a gigantic complex, and I had no idea where the spa was located.

I set out on this adventure. I call practically everything I do an adventure, for when one keeps her eyes open, one will notice beautiful things happening around you. The key is to look for the positive things happening.

Pulling into the JW Marriott Desert Springs Resort & Spa

Fortunately, the Marriot's signage is superb. I wound my way past the pink flamingos wading in the pond lined with tall palm trees. The signs directed me past the main building, a parking lot, and down to the end of the complex. I smiled because I was running late and was concerned about parking. No problem, there is plenty of parking steps away from the entrance.

JW Mariott Desert Springs Resort & Spa Lobby Photo Courtesy of Spa

Checking In

I walked in the entrance and immediately felt calmer, for the greeter assured me there was absolutely no problem, and all was well. I was escorted to the hallowed area of the women's locker room. What struck me immediately was the walnut-colored wood paneling that graced spaces wherever I looked.

With my locker assigned, I changed into the provided white robe. If the attendant asks if you want a slide shoe, say yes, for you will be going through wet areas at the pool. Plus, you can wear them in the shower. I discovered I should have asked for a size smaller than I usually wear—a subtle nod, but it felt good--maybe my feet weren't so big after all.

JW Mariott Desert Springs Resort & Spa Locker Photo Courtesy of the Spa

Time for a Massage

Immediately after walking out of the locker room, my masseuse was waiting for me, and we walked down the hallway graced with beautiful wood paneling and apparent new carpet.

As I lay down on the table, my anticipation of letting some stress go made me sink even deeper into an appreciation for this experience. A lavender scent permeated the room. For one hour, yes, it was all about me, and I loved every minute of it.

JW Mariott Desert Springs Resort & Spa Pool Photo Courtesy of the Spa

Time to Explore

Since I hadn't had time to tour the spa before my massage, an attendant showed me the many experiences I could have while luxuriating in this spa.

Love saunas? I have never been to a spa where there was a very hot sauna, one you have experienced before, and my favorite is the lavender sauna. Watermelon and Zinc-infused water was refreshing and made you think you were having a craft cocktail without the alcohol.

An inside hot tub was steps away from the sauna. Take a step through the door to the outside, and the co-ed pool, used only by spa clients, is waiting for you. Lounge chairs in royal blue and umbrellas were so inviting, but alas, time was running out for the spa closes at 5:00 p.m.

JW Mariott Desert Springs Resort & Spa Lounge Photo Courtesy Spa

Lounge Areas

I chose to head to the quiet room. I stretched out on the lounge and sipped more infused water as I listened to the soft music playing in the background. The women next to me took a nap; like me, I believe they felt so safe, relaxed, and very pampered.

Next to this lounge area, long subtle colored, gold sheer drapes provide a refuge with comfy sofas hugging the walls and lined with pillows—the perfect place to pull out the book you have been wanting to read. No cell phones are allowed.

Need a Bite to Eat?

The bistro offers healthy food options. If you want to eat poolside, place your order with an attendant.

Time to Leave

The shower is roomy and stocked with body wash and hair products when ready. Wrap yourself in a white plush towel and take your swimming suit to the spin dryer. After your shower, creamy, fragrant lotions add to the experience.

JW Mariott Desert Springs Resort & Spa Treatment Room Photo Courtesy of Spa

Checking Out

Since I was a newcomer to the spa, I was pleased, Dawn, the manager, asked me if I wanted to see a couple more spaces.

Again, we walked down the hall, and she opened a beautiful space available for rent for a group of 10 people. There was a large comfy sofa, a large spa tub, and a patio with tables and chairs if you desire to order a meal from the bistro. The private attached patio has ample space to stretch out and appreciate the California weather.

Our second stop was really a couple's space. Two massage tables are there waiting for their guests and a giant tub. Imagine this: they light candles, you can have champagne, etc. Romantic? You bet.

When I was driving home, not only was I relaxed my aches were substantially reduced. I hadn't been noticing how my body was crying out for attention. AND I couldn't wait to get home and call my friends about the adventure and discovery I had made this afternoon at the spa. One of them I knew would undoubtedly want to include it on her schedule the next time she visited me.

If you need a quiet change of pace, I highly recommend you call The Spa at Desert Springs and make a reservation. Yes, they offer a Day Pass, in which the fee is eliminated if you also schedule a spa treatment. You are welcome. 😊

Kathy Condon is a freelance journalist and travel writer. She is the Founder of the Palm Springs Insider Guide. Her book It Doesn't Hurt to Ask: It's All About Communication was named Best Book Finalist by USA Book News

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